Our concert in Podgorica is for the 06.12 applied. As well, that whole Montenegro has a temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters. After a short flight, we allow ourselves first pizza outdoors at less than 20 degrees Celsius. The proximity to Italy make doubly felt: the food quality is absolutely superb, at perhaps half of the price as you would pay him 200 km as the crow flies across the sea to Italy. Conveniently also in euros, although Montenegro is not even a member of the EU! Yes, before the year 2002, Montenegro had inflation caused even the DM as currency!

If you have mobile is near to the airport, our Tip: virtually around the corner a little highlight can be quite easy to take: the “Niagara”-cases. (Maps link to me: http://ge0.me/gyvFlO2xYF/Niagara_Falls)

ge0: //gyvFlO2xYF/Niagara_Falls)

Conveniently located right along with the subsequent “Grand Canyon” ūüôā

Free entrance, beautiful nature, pleasant restaurant what you want more?

Instead of Podgorica, we go first exactly the opposite direction to the Skadar Lake on the Albanian border (our experiences of Albania, it goes here). The area of this beautiful border Lake varies seasonally by melt water very much, 370-540 sq km, according to Wikipedia (https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skutarisee). Nevertheless or precisely this largest lake in the Balkan peninsula is wonderful to look at.

The cultural highlights of Podgorica itself are admittedly relatively quickly enumerated. A landmark is the resurrection Cathedral, whose R√ľckansicht of we believe that even the front (http://ge0.me/0yvFnqAA9d/Hram_Hristovog_Vaskrsenja beating

ge0: //0yvFnqAA9d/Hram_Hristovog_Vaskrsenja). 

Really nice strolling on the Morańća River is along one sooner or later bridge should lead to the Millennium (http://ge0.me/wyvFno_NEg/Millennium_bridge

ge0: //wyvFno_NEg/Millennium_bridge). 

Our concert is in the KIC Budo Tomovińá close to the stadium. The park behind it is still nice to stroll.

Until 1992, Podgorica “Titograd” was named in honor of the longtime Yugoslav dictator Tito. Communist reminiscences we find for example on the way to the television appearance in the State broadcaster RTCG (http://ge0.me/8yvFm9R39X/Radio_Televizija_Crne_Gore

ge0: //8yvFm9R39X/Radio_Televizija_Crne_Gore). Old Soviet, a building can hardly look. Really very nice staff there joking themselves about it. 

A trip is absolutely recommendable in the CA 2.5 hours from Kotor. We had visited years earlier this Montenegrin Pearl of the Adriatic Sea during a cruise: LINK.